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Savvy Analytics gives you the data and insights crucial to your startup's success - turnkey, no complex integrating and without writing a line of code.
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See exactly where your customers are coming from

Stop worrying about adding the right UTM parameters or what happens when someone comes from both ads and search. Savvy's Automated Attribution shows you the sources of visitors clearly and simply.

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View your entire customer journey - end-to-end

We really mean end-to-end. Right from the first Facebook ad or cold email, all the way to entering credit card, see your customers at every stage of your sales and marketing funnels.

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Every visitor matters: enjoy unlimited video replays

Session replay is the new normal, so we won't cut you off after your first 100 recordings. Replay every interaction in detail, with smart filters such as showing only people who reached a certain stage of your funnel.

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Get expert insights and suggestions on where to focus next with Savvy Advisor

'It's like having a data scientist, growth marketer and CMO rolled into one.' - Hilmon Sorey, 3x Amazon Best-seller Author, co-Founder Clozeloop

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Still not sure? We're here to answer any questions
you have about Savvy and what it can do for you.

How does Savvy Analytics work?

Once you secure your spot, we email you and schedule time for a setup call. We'll get you on Savvy, set up your funnels and events, and make sure you're getting real, valuable insights out of the software before charging you a dime.

How much does Savvy Analytics cost?

We charge $49 per user per month. We offer discounts, and sometimes entirely free plans, to those working on civic projects, education and select start-up programs. We picked $49 per month as it's less than the amount you'd pay for 1 hour of a developers time. We think that's a pretty neat (and fair) deal.

How can you offer unlimited recordings at $49 per month? Isn't that way cheaper than FullStory?

Once you pass FullStory's free threshold then yes, it is! Our mission is to offer the key features that startups need, in a single bundle that isn't prohibitively expensive. We've found a way to record, store and replay user recordings in an efficient way, and we're passing those savings onto you. For our early beta group, that means a mere $49/month - so sign up quick to get that offer before it runs out!

What do I use Savvy Analytics instead of?

Great question. Savvy Analytics combines three crucial types of analytics into one. The first is basic stats like number of visitors, key sources/channels, top pages viewed and so on - for this we replace Google Analytics and similar hard-to-learn tools. The second is user recordings - for this we replace FullStory etc. The third is funnels - for this we replace all sorts of analytics products, from Mixpanel to Amplitude.

$49 per month seems like a lot - why should I spend my hard earned money with you when Google Analytics is free?

We get it, these are turbulent times and every cent counts more than ever. But have you ever tried to use Google Analytics without reading a bunch of help articles, getting help from a friend or spending the best part of an hour just trying to get a simple answer to a simple question?

With Savvy Analytics, we consider it our job to answer your crucial questions about your business analytics, as simply and accessible as possible. Not only do we give you what Google Analytics should be giving you, we also include features that you'd normally have to pay other products for - like video replays (FullStory) and end-to-end funnels (Amplitude/Mixpanel plus a bunch of integrations). We think that's worth $49/month :)