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Build your flow, your way.

Flows make it easy to build, launch and iterate on the user flows that are core to your business. Without settling for generic forms or waiting for developer time.
  • Total control over HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Create and embed in your website or app in less than 2 hours.
  • Make edits without waiting on developers.
  • Run split tests, handle conditional logic and send data
    where you need it - all without writing code.
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Start with pre-built components.

Components are the building blocks that make up any flow. From multi-select buttons to 'results as you type' address look-up, we've built the most common types for you. And yes, you can change the design as much as you like.

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Single select field
Allows a user to answer a question or give an input.
Multi-select field
Allows users to select multiple options from a list.
Connect to YouTube or upload your own for total brand control.
Text Block
It looks a lot like the thing you're reading right now.
Layout various content blocks in a design you want.
You know what a picture looks like. And yes we support GIFs.
Perfect for showing information side by side.
Progress Bar
Let a user know how far they are through your flow in real-time.
HTML embeds
Add dynamic graphs, custom buttons and more.
Lets a user show where they sit on a defined scale.
Profile Cards
Display a result like a product recommendation or a suggestion.
Number inputs
Switches the users device to the inbuilt keypad for quick entry.
Email field
With inbuilt validation and ability to block personal emails.
Phone number field
Real-time phone validation and country identification.
+ 50 more
We add new components everyday. Feel free to suggest one in app.
"I went from an idea for my custom sneaker flow to it being live and making my first $100 in less than 3 hours. You don't have to know code to use flows."
Mike Witthus, CEO
Built to be extensible

Add, edit delete custom code including HTML, CSS & JS.

Once you've got your building blocks in place you can style them however you like. Add some brains to them as well with complete control over the Javascript and conditional logic. We're always happy to lend a hand if you need it.

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Custom logic
If you can think it you can do it with the most powerful logic engine on the market. Go beyond 'if this then that' and truly wow users with personalization.
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Full JSON control
Savvy is the only tool that gives you a real-time editable JSON file. We mean it when we say you have total control.
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Put your flow where you need it

Savvy flows can be rendered as standalone URLs or embedded into any website or app as a Web Component. Web Components are crawl-able by search engines, record click events and don't impact page load times. Oh, and there's no 'Powered by' logo or scroll.

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Standalone page
Embed your flow on its' own page. Perfect for testing ad channels and landing pages.
Design your flow so it looks like part of your page and collect user data as you go.
Take over all or part of the screen when a user clicks a call to action. Most popular.
Marketing website
Embed as a calculator, quiz, 'is this product/service right for me?' right in your existing page.
Landing page
Drive paid and organic traffic to a tailored landing page - perfect for calculators and educational flows.
Sign-Up page
Use Savvy as your actual sign-up page to collect user credentials and pass them on to your backend.
In a web app
Ideal for onboarding flows, allowing users to update their settings and collection additional information.
In a mobile app
Perfect for building onboarding and preference management flows in-app.
Data destinations

Send data from flows wherever you need it.

With support for web-hooks, an API, URL variables, local storage and a raw data dump - you can be sure that the data you collect from flows will integrate seamlessly with your stack.

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Google Sheet or Airtable
View submissions in the spreadsheet app of your choice. Then run custom data analysis on it to uncover user behaviour.
Flows for SaaS
Trigger data to be sent to your CRM based on checkpoints, time lapsed and tiered logic. With only clean data getting through.
Flows for Health & Wellbeing
Send data from your flow directly to your backend. Unify user data with Unified_ID and trigger actions based on the data.
Flows for Consumer Businesses
Ad Platform
Let the ad platform(s) of your choice know when a user reaches a certain spot in your flow.
Flows for Finance
Segment & Tag Managers
Let Segment or your Tag Manager know the status of any user or any flow in real time with in built checkpoints and event definitions.
Flows for Consumer Businesses
Custom destination
Our solutions engineers are always happy to help build something out with you, just let us know what you need.
Flows for Finance
"We built, integrated and launched our iOS and Android sign-up flow in one week. Our developers love it and my team are in control of edits - it's a win-win all round."
Seth Sundberg, VP Marketing
Commissary Club
"I went from an idea for my custom sneaker flow to it being live and making my first $100 in less than 3 hours. You don't have to know code to use flows."
Mike Witthus, CEO
"We were using Typeform and were frustrated by how limiting it was. We built a flow in 4 hours, added it to our site in 3 minutes and conversions have doubled."
Isaac Schneider, COO
Integrations made easy

Bring in data from first and third party sources.

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API look-up
Bring in data from an API, like Google Maps, directly into Savvy.
Database look-up
Query your own backend to enrich a profile or offer custom options.
Spreadsheet look-up
Look-up data from a spreadsheet of data, like a list of zip codes.
Custom integration
Talk with our solutions engineers and we'll see what we can do.