Savvy for Students

Rapidly build tangible work experience

Savvy up-skills students by teaching them how to build, launch and scale software projects - then helps them on their next career step through mentorship and introductions based on those new skills and experience.

Only $49 per month. Limited to 100 spaces.
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Learn how to build a social media following

Build an app from scratch in a week

Land an internship in 4 weeks

Learn to build websites for SMBs

Step 1

Set your goal

Master the skills the market (and you) need to get ahead of the game. Build real, ready-to-ship products and processes and learn how to get users and customers for them.

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Step 2

Get taught online by a team in the heart of Silicon Valley

Our mixture of webinars and 1-1 calls help give you the skills and context and you need to level up. Empower yourself to solve real problems, showing the world (and you) what you're capable of.

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Step 3

Receive tailored recommendations, a CV boost and intros.

We'll put together a letter of support for your CV based on your work, a 1-1 career session and introductions to the relevant people who will help take you to the next level.

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Empowering students with a fighting chance

We know it's tough out there so there is our attempt to help out. By up-skilling students and helping them build the career they love and enjoy, we help lay down the foundations for the post COVID world.

We're considered among the best.

Savvy is a Y-Combinator company (investors in Dropbox & Airbnb) and trusted by people working on everything from side projects to marketing for 100,000 + person teams.

Join the new wave of Insourcers who back themselves instead of relying on outsourced help all the time.

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Savvy is how new ideas are built, launched and tested. Fast.

The more chances you have at an idea, the more likely it is to succeed. The best ideas have more 'shots on goal' and therefore win. Savvy shrinks the time and money taken for each attempt from tens of the thousands of dollars and months, down to hundreds of dollars and weeks. The result is more ideas surviving with people empowered to enact change and build the lifestyle they want.

Dalton Caldwell
Partner and Head of Admissions, Y-Combinator

From idea to revenue in 3 weeks

We went from an idea on paper to a functioning prototype, 100+ user feedback sessions and early revenue in weeks. We did all of this without writing a line of code or hiring an agency or developer. Needless to say we're happy.

Tom Charman
co-Founder, Nava

Savvy saved us $10k and countless hours of our time

We're a data driven marketing team but sometimes get overwhelmed with all the data these tools produce. We ran into an issue with Google Analytics and needed help figuring out the best way to track certain events. Agencies quoted us $10k to do the work for us but wouldn't teach us how to do it ourselves. Luckily we found Savvy and had the issue fixed, the team trained and goal hit within 2 weeks for a fraction of the cost.

Caroline Ang-Wright
Head of Marketing, Remix

Savvy team scales app to 2.5 million people in just 10 days

As a couple of founders we were frustrated with how long it took to build, launch and improve our idea. So we decided to do something about it. We went from an idea for an app to scaling it to over 2.5 million unique users in 10 days using just no-code tools and software. We now teach the tools, processes and knowledge we used inside Savvy so that more people can build for the internet and create the
life they want.

Jeremy & Matt
co-founders, Savvy


Still not sure? We're here to answer any questions
you have about Savvy and what it can do for you.

How does Savvy work?

Once you've entered your email you'll be asked to go through a quick quiz so we can learn more about your needs. We'll then use that information to decide if we'd like to invite you to our inaugural batch. We're limiting our fist batch to 100 students so we can collect feedback and learn how to improve.

If you're successful then we'll setup an introductory call where we'll go through your goal and build your ideal plan together. If we're not the right fit then we'll let you know - we may open up additional spaces if we feel we can keep the quality high.

How much does Savvy cost?

Savvy for students is just $49 per month. This covers costs such as; software subscriptions to tools you'll use to build things, payment processing, legal and accounting advice and utilities. We've tried to make this as affordable as possible whilst not going out of business ourselves.

Can you help me build 'x'?

We'd love to hear from anyone regardless of what their idea is. As a general rule we're not ideally suite to anything related to crypto or gaming. Other than that, drop us a message and we'll see what we can do.

But certain things need coding, how do you tackle that?

There are cases where a developer is needed. For example, you're working on machine vision for a self driving car. However you'd be surprised how far you can get without needing one. For example you don't need one to build an app like Uber, a marketplace like Airbnb or an online store or course. If you're not sure how much something should cost, ask us. We're here to stop people being charged $50k for a prototype that should cost $2.5k. It's your money so you should keep it.

I don't need to make things, I just need help marketing and measuring them. Can you help?

Absolutely! We work with tons of teams from more established companies that have already 'made' something. What we end up helping with is new product launches, lead generation ideas (like quizzes) and testing channels. Savvy Analytics is also included in the price and makes it dead easy to view your entire customer journey across tools alongside your ROI on every activity you take.

Who can apply?

All you need is an active academic email address, an idea of things that interest you / you want to get better at and $49 per month (just over $1.60 a day). We welcome applicants from all over the world but please note, Savvy for Students currently only supports English.

Can you help me get better at 'x'?

If x is a tool you access online then the answer is usually yes. We get members joining to become rockstars at Google Analytics or Facebook Ads or Shopify get the point. These tools constantly update and become more powerful and confusing. We spend a fair portion of our time anticipating our customers needs before they hit a bug or the user interface changes and they need to call Steve the engineer (again).

Do I own what I build?

100%, categorically, yes. We never, ever lay claim to anything built in Savvy. It's why organisations like Save the Children, YC and Series B startups trust us with their ideas. We'd like to think this is common but it isn't usually the case with agencies and freelancers - especially if you don't have the right contracts in place. Who has $10k to get an IP contract in place?

Why should I spend my hard earned money with you?

We get it, these are challenging times and every cent counts more than ever. But we also know some of the best things you can do right now are; investing in your skills, creating additional sources of income and working on something you like, for the good of your brain. Savvy ticks all of those boxes and more.

You could literally be a wizard and turn your own idea on paper into an app that earns you $500 a month. Then Steve from down the road sees what you've done and wants his own so you build him one for $1k. Congratulations, you just paid for your whole years subscription of Savvy and made a profit. Or you could learn how to make a prototype for a new landing page at work, show it at the Zoom all hands and get the bonus for going the extra mile. Your imagination is literally the only barrier here.

But if up-skilling yourself, turning your ideas into a reality and making extra money still isn't enough, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. That means if you aren't happy after 60 days despite trying hard and coming up with ideas, then we put the money back on your card for you. Simple as that.

Aren't you bascially an online course?

We think online courses are great for teaching you two things a. things that don't change b. don't involve you doing much. At Savvy, the opposite of both is true. We think the only way you can learn is by doing, so we teach you how to make things in the tools themselves. Want to make a website? Then make a website. We didn't learn to ride a bike by reading books about it - we tried, failed (multiple times) and finally succeed.

With our Co-Pilot feature, we're sitting right beside you (remotely), helping you overcome the barriers in front of you. Be that understanding how to get started with that idea on paper that's niggling away or trying to work out why your revenue this month shot up so much. We're here for the journey, whatever that means for you.