SAvvy pricing
Plans scale with your growth

Startup MVP Plan
$150/mo Base + $3/mo per 1,000 Monthly Tracked Users

This includes 1,000 Monthly Tracked Users and is open to companies with less than $500k in funding OR those with less than $500k in total sales. Assessed on a case by case basis.


Public Good Plan

This plan is for charities, non-profits, NGOs and 'social good' businesses looking to use Savvy to power growth in the civic and public good space. Assessed on a case by case basis.



A completely customized package built for brands with over 50 million Monthly Tracked Visitors or those with complex or additional requirements.

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pricing FAQ
What can we help you with today?
What is a mothly tracked user (MTU)?

An MTU is a visitor that views and interacts with your Savvy flow, either as an embed or on the standalone link. A visitor that views the page but then doesn't interact with it i.e. doesn't scroll or click, won't be charged. Return visitors are only charged once each month.

when will i be charged?

Our billing cycles are 30 days long and start when you 'go live'. You'll be charged the $500/mo fee for the upcoming month and the retroactively charged for any usage based costs you incur. You must maintain an active card on file to use Savvy.

will you notify me of my usage?

Yes you can see the number of visitors Savvy has tracked via the in-app dashboard. Whilst we'll do our best to notify you via in-app chat and email of any larger than usual usage spikes, ultimate responsibility rests on you to check your billing and usage.

do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss plans involving more than 5 million monthly users.

do you offer refunds?

This depends on the nature of the refund requested and time elapsed since the request. Please contact us via the in-app chat if you'd like us to look at anything.

do you offer a startup discount?

Absolutely! Eligible startups and SMBs can enjoy 70% off their plans. Apply for our startup plan to learn more.